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Welcome to my site.  My name is Tom Rune Iversen. This site are going to have a content of different information of stuff that interest me. I have a wide variation of interest. Most of it concern my daily life and the quest for the truth of thing and about the good things in life.

I am interested in religion, science, history, nature, plants, wildlife, food and more. I also like to travel and do interesting discoveries of history about places I visit. Meeting other cultures and tasting local natural food.

My believe is based on a Christian believe and savior only true Jesus  Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach)  Our creator have made this wonderful place for us to thrive on. It is what we do whit it that make the outcome how this world is. But be aware there is a important message in the scriptures.  We have among us a power and ruler of this world. This forces have no good intentions and are working for a purpose and have a goal. it is to harvest your soul and take your gift of an eternal life from you.

Of judgment, because the prince of this world is judged.


This site will have a varied content of what I find interesting and nice to know about. What ever I write and say you should investigate your self. And make your own point of view.

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

  1 Thessalonians 5:21

There  is a lot of theories in science that have become over the years as fact. If you cant test and prove things – it is not a fact, it is a believe. … can also be recognized as religion defined as scientism.

Our heavenly father has made everything perfect on this place.  We do not have to destroy our nature or modify it. Use it in a balanced way, work with it and it works for you.

Healthy food from clean natural ingredients is the proper way to eat and stay healthy. The way of taking care of your self.